Tuesday, June 26, 2018



Innisheer means East Island. It is the 
smallest and most eastern of the three Aran Islands in Galway BayIreland. 

The song, Innisheer, is a beautiful, 
lyrical slow air and is one of the most popular tunes played 
by traditional Irish musicians.  But…the tune is not traditional or very ancient.  

It was composed by accordion player 
Thomas Walsh from Dublin in the ‘70’s.   He said he composed 'Inisheer' after spending the best holiday of his life on the island.   To quote him, “There was no electricity on the island at that time, which was new to a Dub like me. 

I found the people and the island had something special which I never experienced before. I went for three days and came home three weeks later, due to a lack of money. I composed 'Inisheer' the next day while I was walking in the Phoenix Park dreaming of what I had left behind, and the peace and tranquility it gave me.”

Listen to the song.
(Go to Harp Demo lower right and click on Innisheer)