Monday, February 29, 2016

Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter will lead two very valuable workshops on March 26.  See Calendar (on right)!

Aryeh Frankfurter - Norwegian& Swedish Tunes for Celtic Harp (Intermediate/Advanced):

"Nordic music is gaining in popularity and many lovely Nordic tunes are making their way into the Irish/Celtic session and band repertoire. 

In this workshop, I encourage you to climb on the Nordic bandwagon - a wonderful refreshing and inspiring landscape of music. The music has some unusual and even exotic flavors relative to Celtic and Irish Music; yet it is close enough to be accessible to both the player and listener. 

You will learn some lovely Nordic tunes that work well on the Celtic harp - from brooding “Bridal Marches,” joyful Polskas, and driving Marches!  Nordic music is beautiful, rich and evocative. I will briefly discuss what differentiates Nordic trad tunes- harmonically and rhythmically from their Celtic cousins. I teach the tunes both by ear and use sheet music (melody only). We cover as many tunes as the class can comfortably handle in the time allotted.

Lisa Lynne – Playing by Ear and Composing:  

We will learn how you can free yourself from the written page, and understand chord progressions and keys that will always work for improvisation. 

We will learn how to read and write a simple chord chart, transpose a tune on the spot, learn a song by ear, communicate with other musicians and take a solo in any key. 

We will learn one or two of my compositions as I share how each was created.

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