The Colorado Celtic Harp Society 
would like to welcome people new to the lever harp and lever 
harpists new to the front range area.  When you join the harp society, you may request a “Harp Buddy” who will be happy to meet with you and 
familiarize you with CCHS activities.

How much are the dues?

Dues for an individual membership are $15 per year and must be renewed yearly.
A family membership is $15 for the first person and $10 for each subsequent person per year. Dues are payable April 1st of every year.

Each new rental or harp purchase from Kolacny Music store gets a free one-year membership to the Colorado Celtic Harp Society.

New members may join the Society at any time during the year. If you join within 6 months of the annual Spring renewal period, your membership will automatically be extended for another year. 

Please copy and print out this application 
and mail with your check for $15 (payable to CCHS) to: 
Glenda Grimmer, 5300 Highlands Dr, Longmont CO 80503-8013.

CCHS Membership Application

Date __________________________________________

Renewal________________ New member _____________

Name __________________________________________

Address _________________________________________

Phone __________________________________________

Email __________________________________________

Please include my name in the Membership Directory_____

Please answer the following questions:
How long have you been playing the harp? (circle one)

Less than a year — Between 1 and 3 years — Four years or more

I am a harp supporter only __________________________

I wish to be an active participant _____________________

Do you rent/own a harp?  rent _________    own ________