Membership is important!

Please contact Glenda Grimmer for membership
information and questions about the Colorado Celtic Harp Society or its activities. 

Please contact any CCHS Board Member if you have topics of interest for the 
group, are interested in ensemble playing, or would like to be assigned a Harp Buddy!

What are the benefits of a Membership in the
Colorado Celtic Harp Society?

1.  Participation in the harp gatherings and workshops.
2.  Discount on music and accessories at Kolacny Music store. 
3.  Four quarterly issues of the Harptime newsletter (which often includes harp music)
4.  Opportunities to participate in CCHS ensembles
5.  Access to the CCHS music library
6.  Listing in the annual Members Directory
7.  Email alerts about the latest harp news, updates on concerts, gatherings, and workshops
8.  Take part in event planning
9.  Make new friends with similar interests.
10.  You may register to participate  in the annual harp retreat

Harp Circles are announced by the board.    

These are informal gatherings with the objective of sharing harp music.  One book we often use is called Finale which can be purchased at Kolacny Music.  It has a variety of folk tunes at various levels.  Whoever is leading the harp circle may also bring music depending on the level and interest of the group.

Also, individuals are invited to play a piece he or she has been working on. The emphasis is on sharing and encouragement, not on performance. Members are encouraged to discuss the ups and downs of playing and questions are encouraged. 

We may spend some time playing ensemble music with 2 or more parts if that is the wish of the group.  

Workshops.  A workshop may be lead by members of the harp society or by professionals.  Costs will vary based on the workshops being offered. They may be one-day events or continue over a period of a few weeks.

Ensembles.  Currently there is one ensemble group known as The Harplanders.  You are welcome to sit in on a Harplanders practice session to see if it is a group you would like to join.  The group meet every other Thursday afternoon at the Englewood Public Library in the Altenbach Room.

Benefits of having a Harp Buddy! 
Explore possibilities in finding the appropriate harp teacher
Visit Kolacny's together for a harp tasting
Learn about the wide range of harp music that is available 
Discover the advantages of being a member of the harp society
Go to a harp workshop together
Find or start an ensemble group
Get over stage fright or learning frustration
Help with that feeling of intimidation
Get help with a particular technique problem
Play your harps together
Meet other CCHS members
Attend a harp performance together
Car-pool to harp gatherings

Please copy the following application and contact Glenda Grimmer for info on where to send it with your $15 membership fee. Glenda Grimmer

CCHS Membership Application

Date __________________________________________

Renewal________________ New member _____________

Name __________________________________________

Address _________________________________________

Phone __________________________________________

Email __________________________________________

Please include my name in the Membership Directory_____

Please answer the following questions:

How long have you been playing the harp? (circle one)

Less than a year — Between 1 and 3 years — Four years or more

I am a harp supporter only __________________________

I wish to be an active participant _____________________

Do you rent/own a harp?  rent _________    own ________